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S-Series Barge Breasting Winch Improves Safety, Efficiency

Superior-Lidgerwood-Mundy •

Smart Tension technology eliminates dangers posed by snapping wire rope

Superior-Lidgerwood Mundy (SLM) in January, 2018 introduced an improved version of its S-Series Barge Breasting Winch with Smart Tension™ technology.

Smart Tension technology is designed to improve safety and efficiency by enabling the S-Series Breasting Winch to operate automatically during loading operations, eliminating manual operator interaction.

According to Commercial Sales Consultant Sean Tenerelli, “The winch will haul in or pay out rope as needed during barge position, draft, or water level changes.

“The rope is always tight, the barge snug against the dock, and the chance of breaking a rope is negligible.”

Improved Safety

“With Smart Tension technology, breasting mode is activated by a toggle switch and line tension set by a tension dial and held indefinitely at zero speed.

The winch accepts Amsteel®-Blue synthetic or wire rope, and Smart Tension technology improves safety by eliminating the dangers associated with snapping wire rope,” adds Tenerelli.

From January/February 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

Barge Breasting Winch Features

  • Winch base package includes one S-Series winch, one VFD control panel with Smart Tension technology, and 300 feet of Amsteel-Blue synthetic rope.
  • Winch covers prevent pinch points, and rope guards help prevent rope jump.
  • S-series winches can use synthetic or wire rope.
  • No drag brakes for reduced maintenance.

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