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Automation Enhanced Articulating Loadout System Moves Conveying System Over Truck or Railcar

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System allows for automated motion without human intervention

For more than 60 years, Dynatek has designed and built articulating conveying systems to load bulk solids. In 2016, the company brought automation to its loadout products by introducing the Automation Enhanced Articulating Loadout System.

“This innovative loader moves the conveying system over the truck or railcar,” says Director of Sales and Marketing Gary Kuehneman. “Encoders feed position data to a PLC motion control program for automated motion without human intervention. Operators can use weight or volume as the determining factor to eliminate overfilling.”

Improved Safety

“Operators occasionally forget to move the loading spout before the railcar or truck moves off, resulting in equipment damage and safety issues, but the Automation Enhanced Articulating Loadout System improves safety by automatically moving the spout outside the traffic lane, eliminating the problem,” he adds.

Reprinted from Grain Journal November/December 2019 Issue

Product Features

  • Typical service life of 20-plus years.
  • Provides loadout at high rates – approximately 5 minutes for trucks and 20 minutes for railcars.
  • Load optimization eliminates underloading or overloading.
  • Automation-enhanced system maximizes loadout safety, speed, and efficiency.

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