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AIRAUGER® Provides Safe Solution For Cleanout and Air Temperature, Moisture Control of Grain.

AGI Airlanco • 800-500-9777

Enhances safety, avoids hazards associated with manual cleanout

The AIRLANCO AIRAUGER® aeration and unloading system is designed as a safe solution for cleanout and air temperature and moisture control of grain.

According to Todd Morey, technical sales, “the AIRAUGER is a highly flexible aeration and unloading system that can be used in any diameter bin storage facility for virtually any grain or other free-flowing commodity.

“The AIRAUGER system’s galvanized exterior ductwork and channels in the concrete bin floor route air from an external, high-capacity AIRLANCO fan through the perforated decking to aerate stored product,” he says. “During unloading, the high-pressure air fluidizes the stored commodity and moves it to the discharge point.”

Enhanced Safety

“The AIRAUGER system helps maintain proper temperature and moisture levels and allows you to unload safely and thoroughly,” explains Morey.

“The system enhances safety because workers can avoid the hazards associated with manual cleanout, including exposure to deadly fumigants, toxic dust, and rotating augers.”

From November/December 2017 GRAIN JOURNAL

Product Features

  • All moving parts including fans, electric controls, and serviceable components are mounted outside the bin simplifying maintenance and maximizing safety.
  • Eliminates need of additional equipment such as sweep augers.
  • Designed and engineered in the United States.

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