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Warrior Mfg., LLC

Warrior Mfg., LLC • 320-587-5505

Manufacturing Support Systems and Material Handling Equipment for 42 Years

Warrior Mfg., LLC was founded in 1978 and manufactures bucket elevators, en-masse conveyors, belt conveyors, screeners, temporary storage systems, structural steel support systems, conveyor trusses, support towers, and stair systems for the grain and feed industry.

Grain Journal recently spoke with Sales Director Dan Lynch to discuss Warrior’s position in the market, what’s hot, and what’s trending in the grain and feed industry.

What’s New

Over the past year, we have introduced two new products, a 25,000-bph drive-over truck unloading stacking conveyor and a 70,000-bph elevator leg, our highest-ever capacity.

In 2018, we added the Champion Series enclosed belt conveyor, featuring a three, independent idler design for higher capacity applications. This conveyor is designed with a heavy-gauge reinforced head and tail design, as well as a mine-duty, Chevron-style, winged tail pulley for longer belt life and efficient reloading.

Another new product is our Sanitary Design Clean Masse drag conveyor, which is ideal for applications where sanitation, efficient cleanout, and reduction of cross-contamination of products are of importance to the customer. Think applications such as micro-dosing systems, receiving systems, and filling bins with multiple types of raw stocks.

The Sanitary Design Clean Masse incorporates flange bearings, optional tool-less clean out features, and inspection ports to enhance the sanitary features that can be important to customers.

One key component of the design is the unique intermediate discharge, slide gate design that virtually eliminates cross contamination between product types with filling bins.

What’s Hot

Warrior just completed a 50,000- square-foot expansion at our Hutchinson headquarters.

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service. Unlike many of our large corporate competitors, we personally answer all calls rather than relying on automated answering services. We truly believe providing all of our customers with a personal response differentiates us in the marketplace.

Customers want responsiveness. We make it an everyday goal. That’s why we literally trademarked the phrase: “Relentless Pursuit of Excellence.”

Grain Industry Trends

We continue to see customers wanting increased safety factors on horsepower for material handling equipment. Facilities want more capacity and safety factors than necessary, because they are wanting to do everything they can do to prevent downtime – it’s just too costly.

More customers seem to prefer galvanized equipment and structures instead of painted equipment. Galvanized items offer better long-term protection and value. Warrior does not use galvanized paint over welds on pre-galvanized components. We hot-dip all welded components (heads, boots, tail sections, elevator leg trunking, etc.).

Keys to Success

Our business motto is #warriorgetsitdone. Warrior is a flat organization managed by committed professionals. Everyone at Warrior prides themselves on their ability to meet and exceed customer needs. Prompt quote turnaround, knowledge, and support for material handling equipment, our robust equipment, and structural steel systems designs and technical jobsite assistance – our culture and people make it happen and get it done.

We also believe in being flexible. If we discover a way to improve our company, for our customers, we will. Whether it is by changing a product or a process, we are not so set in our ways that we will just ignore that. Our ultimate goal is to produce the absolute highest-quality product and provide it with the very best customer service.

Reprinted from GRAIN JOURNAL March/April 2020 Issue

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Hutchinson, MN

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