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Donaldson Company

Donaldson Company, Inc. • 800-365-1331

Over 100 years of providing dust collector and filer replacement solutions

Since its founding in 1915 by Frank Donaldson, Sr. in Minneapolis, MN, Donaldson Company has manufactured and installed its dust collectors and replacement filters in over 250,000 locations.

Now located in the Twin Cities suburb of Bloomington (952-887-3618), the company does business worldwide through approximately 140 sales, manufacturing, and distribution locations in 44 countries.

Grain Journal spoke recently with Industrial Market Manager Howie Nelson about the company’s hot products, keys to success, and a few current grain industry trends.

Nelson, who was hired in mid-2015, has 30-plus years of experience in the grain, seed, and milling industries.

What’s New

“From a product standpoint, we offer a range of fire and explosion hazard solutions which can be integrated to help address combustible dust concerns. This range of convenient solutions allow customers to choose the solutions they prefer.

“We won’t market one solution as superior to another; we simply offer convenient solutions marketed objectively.

“Our new Combustible Dust Roadmap document is now available, which allows us to guide customers through considerations for combustible dust. It also can be used later as a handy reference document.

“In addition, we have simplified the process for customers to submit dust to a testing laboratory for evaluation.”

What’s Hot

“Our PowerCore® CP Series point-of-use collectors for the grain industry lately are very popular.

“They are designed for source filtration applications, such as new truck and rail dump pits, bin venting, enclosed conveyors, transfer points, loadouts, and bucket elevators in some cases.

“PowerCore CP Series filters deliver fewer emissions and faster change outs, and have lower shipping, installation, energy, and maintenance costs as compared to older models.

“For the seed industry, our DownFlo® Evolution dust collector has been very successful. It features revolutionary airflow management that directs air to an intelligent dropout zone for reduced filter loading. Its MaxPulse® cleaning system delivers 27% more cleaning energy to filter media. This results in a smaller collector with fewer filters and the lowest cost of ownership.

“For grain applications that require larger airflows, we continue to offer the reliable RF baghouse. As a new twist to this product, we now offer pleated filter bags which provide longer filter life and faster filter change-outs among many other benefits. Pleated filter bags have also been popular for solving problems with existing baghouses.”

Grain Industry Trends

“We have identified a movement toward more point-of-use, self-contained collectors like the PowerCore® CPV collector. CPV eliminates the need for extended runs of ductwork, ultimately saving capex costs and energy.

“Those who are planning for a new grain dump pit or replacing old collectors ought to take a long, hard look at integrating a PowerCore® CPV collectors into their design as this trend is really catching on.”

Keys to Success

“There are several keys to Donaldson’s success. First, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. Second, we look for constant innovation in our product line to create additional value for our customers’ businesses. Third, continuous improvements – both internal and external – help our customers solve problems. For example, grain customers are asking for technical support of their dust control systems. We work with them corporately to deliver sound technical recommendations and cost-effective solutions.”

Company Highlights

“In 2015, we celebrated Donaldson’s 100-year anniversary. One-hundred years of providing industry-leading filtration solutions and innovations for our customers offers proof of long-standing added value for our customers all around the world. Simply, what works for our customers works for us.”

Reprinted from Grain Journal July/August 2016 Issue

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