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Chief Agri

Chief Agri • 308-237-3186

Range of grain storage, material handling, drying, conditioning, and structural support systems

Chief Agri’s range of grain storage, material handling, drying, conditioning, and structural support systems are designed to meet the needs of all sizes of grain handling companies.

According to Kjar who has been with Chief Industries since 1998, Chief Agri introduced a medium-duty hopper tank in 2019 with bolted fan transitions and precut sidewalls for ease of installation. “These new hopper tanks are designed for wet holding, storage, or loadout silos. Engineered from the highest-quality materials, these tanks provide long-term reliability.”

In addition, the company’s CB40 124-foot-diameter bin introduced in 2020 is Chief’s third model in its line of 1-million-bushel commercial bins. It can be equipped with a self-cleaning chain conveyor, an under-floor conveyor system, and a self-cleaning bucket elevator boot option.

Engineered to exacting standards

“Chief Agri products are engineered to exacting standards and have innovative designs to make installation easier and promote safety for users,” he says. “With support from our trusted family of brands, we are able to efficiently collaborate and take advantage of a full range of manufacturing capabilities to offer additional value to our customers.”

“We offer galvanized material handling systems to withstand the most corrosive conditions,” says Kjar. “All components feature rugged construction and are designed for easy maintenance.”

Kjar concludes that the company’s longstanding tradition of excellence in engineering, manufacturing, and customer service ensures a high level of quality in its storage and material handling products.

Larry Stalcup, contributing writer

From the November/December 2020 GRAIN JOURNAL

Chief Agri

Products: Steel Tanks, Aeration Fans, Material Handling, Support Tower, Grain Dryer

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