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How We Got Our Name
Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Co.

Cardinal Scale Mfg Co. • 800-441-4237

Reprinted from GRAIN JOURNAL September/October 2019 Issue

Established: 1950 • WEBB CITY, MO • 800-441-4237 • WWW.CARDINALSCALE.COM

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1950 by W.H. Perry, who was a seasoned scale industry professional. The company’s first scales were used for weighing aggregates for paving the U.S. highway system.

Today, the family-owned company is operated by Perry’s children, which Vice President of Marketing and Customer Support Jonathan Sabo says “allows us to focus on long-term gains and value for our customers instead of short-term shareholder appeasement.”

Made in Webb City

According to Sabo, the company’s name comes from Perry’s hometown school mascot, the Webb City (MO) Cardinals.

“He was a lifelong Webb City resident,” says Sabo. “Webb City’s high school football team is renowned for their state titles, and the close-knit community and hard-scrabble nature of the town contributes to the loyalty and work ethic of Cardinal Scale employees.

“Every day at Cardinal Scale, people can witness Midwestern work ethic at its finest as products are manufactured and shipped all over the world,” he says.

“The Cardinal Scale name is known for quality, innovation, adaptability, relationships, and vertical integration,” adds Sabo. “We make 92% of our products all under one roof, from the strain gauges in our scale load cells, to the printed circuit boards in our electronics, to the heavy-duty weighbridges in our truck scales. This vertical integration provides a one-stop shop for our customers.”

About Cardinal Scale Mfg Co.

Webb City, MO

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