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Steel storage grain tanks, hopper bins, and building solutions of all sizes with a complete line of accessories and material handling equipment to build out the entire system. Site design, layout, project management, and maintenance are available from these manufacturers. Bin bottoms, ladders/stairs, bulk seed bins, grain spreaders, bolted, welded, and corrugated steel storage options. Search these companies and request more information using the form below to get the right steel storage system for your location.


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Behlen Grain Systems

Behlen Mfg. Co. - Storage/Steel

• Stiffened tanks with capacities of over 2,000,000 bushels.

• Diameters from 16 feet (5 meters) to over 157 feet (48 meters).

• Peak load capacities up to 100,000 lbs.

• Designed for single pass sweep operations.

• Unique wall panel design provides greater strength and wind resistance.

• Other offerings include hoppered bins to 52,000 bushels and steel flat storage buildings

Columbus, NE • 800-553-5520

Behlen Grain Systems

Flat Grain Storage Buildings

• All-steel construction for more strength and stability.

• Decades of experience in bins and flat storage.

• Quality in every last detail.

• Maintains its value, integrity, and strength.

• Builders who provide the exact building you want.

Columbus, NE • 800-553-5520

Borton Construction Company, LLC


  • Elevator and silo inspection.
  • Silo construction.
  • Slip form silos.
  • Steel bins.
  • Bulk material conveying.
  • Millwrights.
  • Slip and shotcrete liners.
  • Concrete solutions.
  • Engineered solution repairs.
  • Mechanical and conveying repairs.
  • Silo and elevator crack repair.
  • Carbon fiber reinforced polymer.
  • Bucket elevator and belt repairs.
  • Elevator maintenance repairs.
  • Time and material rates available.

South Hutchinson, KS • 620-669-8211

Brock Grain Systems

Commercial Bin Sweeps

  • Brock’s MAVERIK® 4000 Series Sweep offers variable-speed technology with hydraulically-powered augers and a sprocket rail drive. Single- or dual-arm sweep options. Capacities range up to 15,000 bushels (381 metric tons) per hour.
  • Brock’s 3500 Series Sweep is designed for
    medium to heavy duty and features a sprocket rail drive. Capacities range up to 10,000 bushels (254 metric tons) per hour.
  • Both are dependable, top-quality sweep systems.
  • Both offer options for zero-bin-entry use.

Milford, IN • 866-658-4191

Brock Grain Systems

Storage Bins

  • Take your grain to greater heights and larger capacities with Brock’s new EVEREST® line of grain storage bins.
  • Enhanced roof peak load strength – up to 130,000 lbs. (59,000kg).
  • More models and choices for storage silos – sizes from 15 to 156 feet in diameter and capacities up to 1.9 million bushels.
  • Brock’s EVERLOC® Roof Mount System efficiently and uniformly connects bins with Brock or LeMar catwalk and tower support systems.

Milford, IN • 866-658-4191

Chief Agri

Commercial Grain Storage

  • Available with capacities up to 1 million+ bushels (29,000 mt).
  • Peak load capacities up to 50,000 lbs (22,679 kg).
  • Corrugated sidewalls and roof panels are standard G115 galvanized steel.
  • Unique “W” style stiffener, more vertical strength with a positive load bearing connection.
  • Multiple safety options available to meet your site requirements.
  • Available alongside all other Chief products for complete site development.

Kearney, NE • 308-237-3186

Chief Agri

Hopper Tanks

  • Superior strength “W” stiffeners.
  • Capacities from 3,500 bu. to more than 54,000 bu.
  • 45° hopper bottoms.
  • Part of the Chief family of products.

Kearney, NE • 308-237-3186

Gateway Building Systems, Inc.

Turnkey Design Build General Contractor

  • Self-preform.
  • Steel bins.
  • Commercial buildings.
  • Structural steel.
  • Equipment setting.
  • Millwright.
  • Startup management.
  • Concrete.

Fergus Falls, MN • 800-747-4499

Sioux Steel Company

Commercial Grain Systems

  • Roofs with 15,000 lb. and 35,000 lb. peak load ratings are available on 54’-105’ bins.
  • Sidewalls, stiffeners and stiffener splices are manufactured from 70,000 psi tensile strength steel.
  • Grade 8.2 fasteners with Dper ASTM F1136 finish.
  • Roofs with up to a 50,000 lb. peak load are available on 78 ft.- 105 ft. diameter bins.
  • All accessories available.

Sioux Falls, SD • 800-557-4689

Sioux Steel Company

Steel Storage

Complete line of farm and

commercial bins, hopper bottom bins, complete ladder systems, aeration and drying systems, bucket elevators,

conveyors, support towers and


• Installations in over 80 countries,

with over 160 years of combined

experience manufacturing and

designing high quality grain bins

and accessories.

• Bins range from 12 to 105 foot diameters and

offer up to 697,000 bushel (18,975 MT) capacities.

• Products are engineered for quick on-site

assembly, simple operation, and lasting quality.

Sioux Falls, SD • 800-557-4689

Sukup Manufacturing Company

Corrugated Tanks

  • Up to 2.25 million bushel maximum capacity – 165 ft. diameter.
  • Up to 150,000 lb. peak load ratings.
  • Double-ended stud bolts eliminate water infiltration between laminated sheets and grain at stiffener location - Patent No. 10,407,935
  • Full line of accessories and material handling equipment also available to complete your system.
  • Knot-passing pulley, restraint anchor and safety line retrieval line are standard.

Sheffield, IA • 641-892-4222

Superior Grain Equipment

Grain Storage, Conditioning, and Handling Systems

  • Bin capacities up to 817,000 bushels (105’ diameter).
  • 15k, 30k and 50k-pound peak load ratings on structured roofs.
  • Mixed-flow dryer capacities up to 8,600 bushels.
  • Complete line of accessories and material handling equipment
  • Site design, layout and project management services.

Kindred, ND • 866-822-9145

Warrior Mfg., LLC

MICADA Hopper Bottom Bins

  • Retro-fit hopper bottoms for any existing grain bins.
  • Complete hopper and bin combinations.
  • Fully-welded hopper bottoms allow for quick installation.
  • Sizes range from 15 to 27 ft. diameter.

Hutchinson, MN • 320-587-5505

Advance Millwrights Inc.

Elmira, Ontario, Canada • 519-669-4200

Ag Dryer Services, Inc.

Elm Creek, NE • 800-657-2184

Allstate Tower, Inc.

Henderson, KY • 270-830-8512

Binful, Inc.

Villard, MN • 320-554-2051

Bruce Martin Construction Inc

Portageville, MO • 573-379-5776

Buhler Inc.

Minneapolis, MN • 763-847-9900

Buresh Building Systems, Inc.

Hampton, IA • 641-456-5242


York, NE • 800-345-2832 Case Study:

CCS Group, LLC

Seward, NE • 855-752-5047

Clear Creek & Associates, Inc.

Goshen, IN • 574-537-9060

Conrad-American/Eaton, Agrequip, Inc.

Houghton, IA • 800-553-1791

Conveyor Components Co.

Croswell, MI • 800-233-3233

Drake Inc.

Waco, NE • 402-362-1863

Elevator Services & Storage, Inc.

Beaverdam, OH • 419-643-5111

Global Bin Builders Inc

Sioux Falls, SD • 320-413-0312

Grain Flo, Inc.

Heyworth, IL • 800-842-4875

Greene Galvanized Stairs

East Lynn, IL • 217-375-4244

Hawkeye Grain Systems Inc.

Hawkeye, IA • 563-427-3708

Hoffmann, Inc.

Muscatine, IA • 563-263-4733

Hogenson Construction Company

West Fargo, ND • 701-281-1742

Innovative Magnetics

Amherst, NH • 603-598-8300

Iowa Elevator Systems & Service Inc.

Carlisle, IA • 515-989-0679

J & D Construction, Inc.

Montevideo, MN • 800-279-6447

Jackson Industrial Construction

Concord, MI • 517-524-8589

KBM Industrial Services, Inc

Russellville, AR • 479-498-9304

Koehl Bros

Fairbury, IL • 815-692-2326

Macon Construction

Bradford, IL • 309-897-8216

McCormick Construction Company

Greenfield, MN • 877-554-4774

McPherson Concrete Storage Systems

McPherson, KS • 800-999-8151

Midwest Bin Erectors MN, LLC

Wyoming, MI • 763-233-2953

PMI Nebraska L.L.C.

Grand Island, NE • 308-382-5454

Scott Equipment Company

New Prague, MN • 952-758-2591


Clearwater, MN • 763-295-4367

Specialty Industries, Inc.

Sunfield, MI • 517-566-7251

Structural Restoration, Inc.

Farmington, MN • 651-338-9366

TCR Systems LLC

Decatur, IL • 217-877-5622

The Haskins Company, Inc.

Spokane, WA • 509-535-2978

Todd & Sargent, Inc.

Ames, IA • 515-232-0442

Tom-Cin Metals, Inc.

Hortonville, WI • 800-343-3404

Vigen Construction, Inc.

Grand Forks, ND • 218-773-1159

Walt Johnson Construction Inc.

Alexandria, MN • 320-763-9005

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