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Flat Storage

Flat storage provides economical and large-capacity options for grain and feed mill facilities. These companies offer a wide array of solutions for overflow bushels that provide flexibility at your grain storage facility to protect and maximize harvested grain profits. View the companies available here and request more information with the form at the bottom of the page to get the flat storage system that suits your grain-handling facility.


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Sioux Steel Company

ProTec Buildings

• ProTec Buildings offer an economical solution for 1-2-3 million bushel large capacity grain storage.

• By adding Grain Shields to ProTec Buildings, companies can expand storage capacities up to 30% or greater.

• These flexible multi-use storage buildings can serve other storage needs when not in use for grain storage.

• ProTec Buildings offer unbeatable strength and durability and are professionally engineered to meet the needs of large operations.

Sioux Falls, SD • 800-557-4689

Behlen Grain Systems

Columbus, NE • 800-553-5520

Buresh Building Systems, Inc.

Hampton, IA • 641-456-5242

Clear Creek & Associates, Inc.

Goshen, IN • 574-537-9060

Jackson Industrial Construction

Concord, MI • 517-524-8589

Larson Engineering, Inc.

Appleton, WI • 920-734-9867

Macon Construction

Bradford, IL • 309-897-8216

McCormick Construction Company

Greenfield, MN • 877-554-4774

Specialty Industries, Inc.

Sunfield, MI • 517-566-7251

Sukup Manufacturing Company

Sheffield, IA • 641-892-4222

TCR Systems LLC

Decatur, IL • 217-877-5622

The Haskins Company, Inc.

Spokane, WA • 509-535-2978


Timewell, IL • 800-720-8453

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