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Restoration Contractors

Concrete structure restoration is an important part of protecting your facility. Get help with structural repairs, painting, roofing, and gunite liners. Companies listed on this page provide structural analysis, roof repair, lining, painting, sealants, sandblasting, waterproofing, crack and spalling repair, shot crete, bin repair, and catastrophic failure repair for grain and feed industry facilities. Be sure to use the form at the bottom to request more information from the companies listed here.


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Borton, LC

Repair and Renovation

  • Elevator and silo inspection.
  • Mechanical and conveying repair.
  • Millwrights.
  • Slip and shotcrete liners.

South Hutchinson, KS • 620-669-8211


Complete Restoration Services

  • Gunnite liners.
  • Hoppers repair and installation.
  • Crack repair and analysis.
  • Roof coating.
  • Explosion repair.
  • Painting, coatings, sealants, sign painting.
  • Free estimates.
  • Nationwide.

York, NE • 800-345-2832 Case Study:

CCS Group, LLC

Grain Elevator Maintenance & Repair

  • Reinforced shotcrete/gunite liners.
  • Carbon Fiber technology.
  • Hopper repair and installation.
  • Concrete crack and spalling repair.
  • Catastrophic failure repair and prevention.
  • Structural assessments.

Seward, NE • 855-752-5047

CCS Group, LLC

Structural Assessments

• Ground penetrating radar steel reinforcement detection.

• 2D/3D rebar scans and mapping.

• Internal silo video scans.

• Exterior delamination/crack evaluation.

• Non-destructive concrete strength and moisture testing.

Seward, NE • 855-752-5047

Drake Inc.

Restoration Services

  • Structural repair – before and after pictures of project to right.
  • Gunite liners.
  • Hopper repair and install.
  • Kanal Systems installation.
  • Sandblasting and painting.
  • Crack repair.
  • Professional services provided with quality and safety.
  • Free estimates.

Waco, NE • 402-362-1863

Drake Inc.

TOPPS SEAL™ Roof Sealant

  • 100% liquid applied rubber flat roofing.
  • Contains no water – total repellancy.
  • Forms right to your roof – custom fit every time.
  • Quick installation.
  • Free estimates.

Waco, NE • 402-362-1863

Lone Star Enterprises Inc

Grind, Crack, or Crimp

  • Single, double, and triple mills.
  • Particle reduction for all types of products.
  • Electric or PTO driven.
  • Stationary or portable.
  • Chill cast iron rolls, sharpened to order.
  • Heavy-duty solid mill frame for mill stability.
  • Roll parallel both vertical and horizontal.
  • Easy to operate, service, and maintain.
  • Customizable - automated or manual.
  • Servicing the industry since 1995.

Lennox, SD • 605-647-3001

NIJAC Roofing & Insulation

Elastomeric Waterproofing Systems

  • Application of premium elastomeric waterproof membrane systems on new or existing concrete storage facilities.
  • Keeping the “rain out of grain” since 1975.

Sioux Falls, SD • 605-368-2270 Web Site:

Allan Enterprises Sandblasting & Painting

West Des Moines, IA • 888-902-0101

Apex Painting

Owatonna, MN • 507-451-6176

Ebmeier Engineering, LLC

Glenwood, IA • 712-527-9202

Gateway Building Systems, Inc.

Fergus Falls, MN • 800-747-4499

Global Bin Builders Inc

Sioux Falls, SD • 320-413-0312

KBM Industrial Services, Inc

Russellville, AR • 479-498-9304

McPherson Concrete Storage Systems

McPherson, KS • 800-999-8151

Midwest Bin Erectors MN, LLC

Wyoming, MI • 763-233-2953

Painters USA

Glendale Heights, IL • 800-999-8715

Pneumat Systems

Mankato, MN • 507-345-4553

Structural Restoration, Inc.

Farmington, MN • 651-460-2990

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