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Seed Treaters

Use innovative seed treatment equipment provided by companies on this page to ensure thorough, accurate seed coverage for optimal results. Wide range of models and applications to meet exact seed treatment needs before planting to improve the establishment of healthy crops and insecticides to protect against storage pests. See what the companies on this page offer for pumps, meters, powder feeds, and tanks and be sure to request more information in the form provided below.


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AES Automated Electric & Service

Seed Treating Equipment

• Diversified weighing and metering options.

• Customize your system with a Seed Metering Wheel, Loss in Weight option, or a Weigh belt.

• Pump stands, conveyors, hoppers, and treaters.

• Sales and service (parts in stock).

LeRoy, IL • 309-468-0136


Centricoater Batch Seed Treating System

  • Thorough and accurate coverage to ensure optimal results.
  • Wide range of models and applications to meet exact needs.
  • Chemical delivery systems are designed for flexibility for current and future needs.
  • Complete interface of weight of product to amount of treatment applied. No over or under treatment.
  • Variety of pumps, meters, powder feeds, and tanks to allow for a turnkey, single source supply.

Des Moines , IA • 800-247-6755


Seed Treaters

  • Patented KSi atomizer design for initial, accurate and efficient coverage of every seed before entering mixing chamber.
  • Patented 4808NGA Applicator with continuous 4’x8’ drum with advanced mixing, gentle conditioning and dynamic discharge.
  • Patent-pending 02PRO and 03PRO SC Applicator with innovative Static Mixing Conveyor (SMX) design for gentle handling and flexible treating options.
  • Paired with state-of-the-art KSi AutoTreat software for the most user-friendly, accurate system available.
  • Unmatched KSi service and 24/7 in-season support.

Cissna Park, IL • 888-574-3277


Seed Treatment Systems

  • Patented KSi 4808NGA Applicator and 02PRO/03PRO SC Applicator feature technological advances and design elements to address common challenges in the seed treatment industry.
  • Innovative atomizing disc design in large-diameter atomizing chamber provides accurate initial chemical application and uniform seed coating.
  • Advanced drum design mixes and conditions seed for optimum plant-ability and appearance.
  • State-of-the-art KSi Automation technology integrates seed and liquid flow control.
  • KSi VariRate (loss-in-weight) or Seed Wheel (volumetric) seed metering control options.

Cissna Park, IL • 888-574-3277

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