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Color Sorters

Separate discolored, defective seeds from seed lab to large-scale operations with these compact, customizable, and cost-effective color sorters. These color sorters are designed for easy operation utilizing the latest software and full-color RGB cameras for highly accurate sorting by size and/or color for continuous or batch operation. View the products and services from seed equipment companies and request more information using the form below.


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Bratney Companies

Cimbria Color Sorters

  • Complete range of color sorters from laboratory to large scale 1,000 bph in a single unit.
  • Tru color camera system with 0.1 mm resolution and shape recognition.
  • Ability to mount up to four cameras per chute with color, NIR, or InGaAs combinations. Allowing multiple separation in one unit with reduced footprint and installation costs.
  • Full start-up training and after sales support and service.
  • Bratney Companies offers in-house engineering and installation for all your facility needs.

Des Moines , IA • 800-247-6755

Buhler Inc.

SORTEX - Multi-Vision Inspection System

  • Offers superior machine performance, revolutionary technologies and balanced, stable sorting to deliver the best quality seed products.
  • Packed with innovative technologies including MultiVision inspection systems, PROfileTM , InGaAs, SmartEjectTM, Broadband LED Illumination and SORTEX ProSortXTM operating software.
  • No matter the capacity, sorting requirement or budget, the SORTEX A offers customizable options to tailor to customer needs.
  • For nearly 70 years, Bühler has taken the lead to deliver innovative optical sorting solutions in seeds, it is no surprise that so many seed processors choose Bühler.

Stockton, CA • 209-983-8400

DT Grain Processing Systems Inc.

Infinity Plus Color Sorter

• Suitable for any king of seed.

• Full color technology.

• NIR infrared camera.

• High speed ejectors.

• Remote assistance in real time.

St Catharines, ON • 416-930-6300


IR/LED Color Sorters

• Advanced vision system – color RGB, near-Infra-Red, and shape, NIR is optional. High resolution cameras to detect any defects.

• Intelligent software and powerful digital image processing – fourth generation FPGA and high speed DSP to deliver power sorting algorithms.

• Optimized ejections.

• Easy operation.

• Internet remote control.

Satake USA Inc.

EVOLUTION RGB + Shape Optical Sorter

  • Industry-leading innovative sorting technology utilizing full-color RGB, shape and size, and infrared InGaAs technology for seeds, grains, pulses, etc.
  • Proprietary intelligent processing software pin points and removes challenging defects.
  • High resolution cameras, high density ejector system, and an intuitive user interface are a few of the signature Satake features.
  • Satake EveryWhere online support, engineering and design services, and local/on-site training opportunities available.
  • Quality after sales service and support team that honestly makes you feel like family.

Stafford, TX • 281-276-3600

Satake USA Inc.

FMS-2000 Compact Optical Sorter

  • The FMSR-IR is an efficient midsize sorter that features full color rgb + shape + infrared technology. It is ideal for sorting products such as dry beans, corn, nuts, seeds and multiple varieties of grain.
  • The FMSR-IR product line includes models with a one chute configuration, a two chute configuration and a three chute configuration.

Stafford, TX • 281-276-3600

VMek Sorting Technology

Color/Size Sorter and Seed Analyzer

  • The Metrix Analytic Sorter is a full coloroptical sorter and product analyzer in one.
  • In addition to dividing the product into two streams using high speed ejectors, the Metrix calculates and logs detailed spatial and color information on each piece.
  • Information can be easily graphed, plotted, and exported for correlation analysis to make smart business decisions.
  • Highly accurate sorting by size and/or color for continuous or batch operation.

Midlothian, VA • 804-349-9001

Bjerke Brothers, Inc.

Buxton, ND • 701-847-3125

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