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Vibrators for controlling material flow in bins, feeders, chutes, and tubes in the grain and feed industry. Pneumatic or electric vibrators will ease loading and unloading and produce faster, more efficient results in the production process. Unload or load bulk material in bins, hoppers, rail cars, semitrucks, and barges. Review the vibrators available on this page and request more information from the companies by using the form below.


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Arnold Company

The Rhino Vibrator Lifter

• Removes the danger of inserting and removing heavy railcar vibrators.

• Custom brackets lift roller or piston vibrators.

• Smooth, powerful, pneumatic over hydraulic system.

• Height and angle adjustment are lever controlled.

• One pneumatic airline powers both lifter and the vibrator.

• Patented - U.S. Patent No 10,472,216.

Trenton, IL • 800-245-7505

Buhler Inc.

Minneapolis, MN • 763-847-9900

Cleveland Vibrator Co.

Cleveland, OH • 800-221-3298


Erie, PA • 814-835-6000

KC Supply Co. Inc.

Kansas City, MO • 800-527-8775

Premier Components, Inc.

Alma, MI • 877-681-3064

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