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Battery, electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic powered equipment used by truck, rail and barge transportation equipment in the grain and feed industry. Load, unload, secure, and move transportation equipment with trap openers, hopper gate openers, pullers, rail movers, control systems, bulk feed liners, and more to meet rigorous day-to-day workload of agricultural facilities. Check out the companies offering an expansive variety of transportation equipment, accessories and services and be sure to request more information to help make your decision.


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Hopper Car Gate Openers

  • Wide range of wheeled cart, beam mount and portable gate openers in pneumatic, electric or manual power
  • Models with torque output from 1000 lb-ft to 13000 lb-ft to rapidly and easily open easy-to-open to extremely difficult-to-open slide gates.
  • Railcar opener speeds from 8-rpm to 1400-rpm to accommodate speed requirements of sites receiving a few railcars to unit trains.
  • Select a railcar opener based on number of cars unloaded, unloading site conditions, site security and budget.

Malvern, PA • 215-333-5600


Trailer Trap Openers

• Battery-powered, F/R, 18 VDC, brushless motor, compact drill/driver - economical to purchase.

• Ergonomic balance and control maximizes operator safety, minimizing fatigue - 250 lbf-ft. opening torque.

• Solves crank-handle space problem over stacking conveyors.

• Precision machined, adaptor fittings - fit Timpte, Wilson, Merritt, Cornhusker and other trailers.

Malvern, PA • 215-333-5600

Arnold Company

Door Demon Hopper Gate Openers

• Power options and configurations for every need.

- Portable 2 and 3 wheel.

- Beam mounted.

- Attachments for forklift, skid steer, and conveyors.

• Pneumatic, AC electric, and DC electric options.

• Heavy-duty, non-impacting, and continuous torque on all models.

• Extremely high reliability and low maintenance cost.

Trenton, IL • 800-245-7505

Arnold Company

Door Demon HTO Hopper Trailer Opener

• Single-person operation. Handheld, lightweight, and portable.

• Smooth, continuous torque.

• Shaft and socket design enables fast socket change.

• Level mechanism to manually lock shaft for opening gate latch.

• Air-powered – only 15 cfm needed.

• Speed and torque designed for trailer gates.

• Safe noise levels below 80 decibels.

• Patented – U.S. Patent No 10,507,567.

Trenton, IL • 800-245-7505

Calbrandt, Inc.

Bar Retarder

• Used to stabilize the railcar with no grade.

• Designed to hold railcars in place. Bar retarders are most often used in conjunction with a railcar indexer. Indexer spots the railcar and the retarder secures it as the indexer lets go and retrieves to hook up to the next car.

Delano, MN • 763-972-8888

Calbrandt, Inc.

Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Gate Openers

  • 1200 and 1800 ft/lbs.—torque at 30 rpm.
  • Walk behind, riding, or remote control models.
  • Power or manual traverse.
  • 180 degree swing to service two tracks.

Delano, MN • 763-972-8888

Calbrandt, Inc.

Low Dog Retarder

• 7,500 lbs. holding force if empty railcar.

• 45,000 lbs. holding force if low dog retarder is on one side of fully loaded railcar.

• 60,000 lbs. holding force if low dog retarder is on both sides of fully loaded railcar.

Delano, MN • 763-972-8888

Calbrandt, Inc.

Railcar Indexers & Progressors

  • One way or reversing.
  • Bogie or axel pushers.
  • Move one to 100 cars.
  • PLC controlled.
  • Moving speed of 25 to 40 fpm.

Delano, MN • 763-972-8888

Compressed Air Systems, Inc.

ERGO | Electric Railcar Gate Opener

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Custom ordered to your specifications.
  • Fits in tight spaces.
  • Open gates with ease.
  • Explosion proof model is available.

Tampa, FL • 855-947-8877

Compressed Air Systems, Inc.

POGO I | Pneumatically Operated Gate Opener

  • Designed to open gates with stationary drive knuckles.
  • Finger tip controls.
  • Built-in lubricator.
  • Instant power – opens gates in 2 to 4 seconds.
  • Pneumatic wheels.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Most economical POGO model.
  • Safer and more efficient than manual openers.

Tampa, FL • 855-947-8877

Compressed Air Systems, Inc.

POGO III — Pneumatically Operated Gate Opener

  • Designed to open gates with both the stationary style and rolling style drive mechanisms.
  • Unique pneumatic controls – drive direction/wheel rotation; wheels rotate to roll with the gate.
  • Instant power – opens gates in 2 to 4 seconds.
  • Finger tip controls.

Tampa, FL • 855-947-8877

Compressed Air Systems, Inc.

POGO IV — Pneumatically Operated Gate Opener

  • Specifically designed to operate safely in a space as narrow as 40 in.
  • Steering control arm allows the operator to easily position the POGO IV.
  • Once in place, the pneumatic controls raise, lower, advance and retract the power unit – they also change the rotation direction of the drive bit.
  • Adjusts to varying capstan heights, making this model ideal for all gate applications.

Tampa, FL • 855-947-8877

KC Supply Co. Inc.

Hopper Gate Opener

• Battery, electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic powered.

• Beam-mounted, mobile or stationary.

Kansas City, MO • 800-527-8775

Walinga USA Inc.

Ultra-Lite Bulk Feed Delivery Units

  • Maximum load capabilities.
  • Minimum weight to strength ratio.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • All aluminum long sills.
  • Extruded aluminum divider ribs.
  • Extruded aluminum roof rail — rain gutter.
  • Wireless remote control.
  • Air-operated hand-rails.

Wayland, MI • 800-466-1197

AGI Hi Roller

Sioux Falls, SD • 800-328-1785

Allstate Tower, Inc.

Henderson, KY • 270-830-8512

Argonics, Inc.

Gwinn, MI • 906-226-9747

ASI Industrial

Billings, MT • 406-245-6231

Bailey-Parks Urethane

Memphis, TN • 800-238-7638

Buhler Inc.

Minneapolis, MN • 763-847-9900


York, NE • 800-345-2832 Case Study:

CCS Group, LLC

Seward, NE • 855-752-5047

Christianson Systems, Inc.

Blomkest, MN • 800-328-8896

Cleveland Gear Co.

Cleveland, OH • 800-423-3169

Cleveland Vibrator Co.

Cleveland, OH • 800-221-3298

CompuWeigh Corporation

Woodbury, CT • 203-262-9400

DYNATEK Loading Systems

North Prairie, WI • 262-392-2162

Frisbie Construction Co., Inc.

Gypsum, KS • 785-536-4288

Greenstone Systems


Hoffmann, Inc.

Muscatine, IA • 563-263-4733


York, PA • 412-951-4643

Motive Power Resources Inc

Minooka, IL • 815-255-2600

Pneumat Systems

Mankato, MN • 507-345-4553

Premier Components, Inc.

Alma, MI • 877-681-3064

S.W. Vac Inc.

Willmar, MN • 800-366-8665

Schenck Process Food and Performance Materials

Kansas City, MO • 816-891-9300

Screw Conveyor Corporation

Hammond, IN • 800-626-6629

West Side Salvage, Inc.

Atkins, IA • 800-747-0104

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