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Dust Collection

Reduce fugitive dust and clean up a variety of products throughout a facility with a complete line of dust collection equipment for the grain and feed industry. Fans, cyclones, airlocks, ductwork, filters and related components build a dust collection system best suited for the specific needs of a grain handling facility. Dust collection systems not only keep machinery and facilities clean, they promote safety by mitigating explosion hazards associated with fugitive dust. Review the systems below and request more information from the companies that can help get the right system for your facility.


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Boss Products LLC

Eco MAXX®/VigilEX Explosion Isolation Valve

  • Tested and certified EN16447 for Inlet and outlet explosion isolation.
  • Tested and certified EN16447 for use with elbows.
  • NFPA 69 compliant.
  • Lowest pressure loss in industry, nominal -1.0 in.
  • Initial size range 6 in. – 28 in/30 in – 52 in (coming late 2019).

Schertz, TX 210-664-4200

Boss Products LLC

Explosion Isolation Valve

• ST1 and ST2.

• Inlet and outlet isolation.

• Organic, metallic and synthetic dusts.

• Vertical and horizontal Installation.

• NFPA compliant.

• Elbows: allowed. No limit on quantity.

• Pull and push flow (positive and negative pressures).

Schertz, TX 210-664-4200

Buhler Inc.

Round Filter

• Clever, compact design.

• Efficient, cost-saving cleaning of filter bags.

• Effective filtration.

• Pressure shock-resistant design in accordance with regulations.

Stockton, CA • 209-983-8400

Honeyville Metal

EFR Series High Pressure Baghouse Filter

  • Honeyville Metal manufactures a complete line of dust collection equipment. Fans, cyclones, airlocks, and filters, up to 58,000 cfm.
  • 110º involute cone section inlet.
  • Explosion relief panels.
  • 16 oz. mirror finish bags with galvanized wire cages.
  • No-tool top removal bags.
  • Cone inspection cover.
  • Pulse Jet high pressure bag cleaning.

Topeka, IN • 800-593-8377

Kice Industries, Inc.

Industrial Filters

  • Exclusive PneuJet provides series of high-ratio filters to handle most every type of application.
  • Continuous cleaning of bags provides operating efficiency up to 99.99 percent.
  • Five series of high ratio filters to handle most every type of application.
  • Options, retrofits, custom engineering to spec.

Wichita, KS • 316-744-7151

Rolfes at Boone

Integrated Receiving Pit Dust System

  • Stand alone systems to reduce fugitive dust emissions while dumping grain.
  • Collected dust returned to grain as it is moved from receiving put to bucket elevator.
  • Requires only clear air ducting.
  • Lower operating costs – typical 10-ft.-x-26-ft. (260 sq.ft. open grate area) receiving pit only requires a 25 hp fan and 15 hp for filter cleaning.

Boone, IA • 800-265-2010

SafeGrain, Inc.

Dust Control Systems

  • Dust control design.
  • Dust control blowers and silencers.
  • Cyclone dust collectors.
  • Sheet metal lines and fittings.
  • Baghouse filter collectors.
  • Pneumatic systems.

Loveland, OH • 800-659-8250

Walinga USA Inc.

Central Vac Dust Control System

  • Low-cost solution for clean up of varying types of products throughout a facility.
  • Features splash-lubricated Super Chrome Blower: 1,100 or 1,800 cfm capacity.
  • Can be configured as a two, three, or multi-point pickup system.
  • Upstream secondary collector to minimize amount of dust particles.

Wayland, MI • 800-466-1197

American Fabric Filter Co.

Wesley Chapel, FL • 800-367-3591

BinMaster Level Controls

Lincoln, NE • 800-278-4241 BinMaster Digital Catalog:

Bratney Companies

Des Moines , IA • 800-247-6755

Buhler Inc.

Minneapolis, MN • 763-847-9900

Calbrandt, Inc.

Delano, MN • 763-972-8888

Conrad-American/Eaton, Agrequip, Inc.

Houghton, IA • 800-553-1791

Donaldson Company, Inc.

Minneapolis, MN • 800-365-1331

E.J. Heck & Sons Co.

Omaha, NE • 800-652-8873

Frisbie Construction Co., Inc.

Gypsum, KS • 785-536-4288

FWS Group of Companies

Winnipeg, MB • 204-487-2500

Gamet Manufacturing, Inc.

Brooklyn Park, MN • 888-647-5475

Grain Belt Supply Co. Inc.

Salina, KS • 800-255-2742

Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Boyne City, MI • 888-582-0821

Midwest Mill Modernization Inc.

Eureka, KS • 620-583-6286

Puritan Magnetics, Inc.

Oxford, MI • 248-628-3808

Schenck Process

Kansas City, MO • 800-821-2476

Sifter Parts & Service, Inc.

Wesley Chapel, FL • 800-367-3591

Sioux Steel Company

Sioux Falls, SD • 800-557-4689

TCR Systems LLC

Decatur, IL • 217-877-5622


Plymouth, MN • 763-559-9100

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