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These high-performance distributors efficiently move grain where it needs to go at multi-bin facilities, ensuring accuracy, protection and quality of the grain. Galvanized, stainless, or painted distributors are available in a variety of specifications and sizes. Different outlet configurations can be provided for a full line of distributors, including single and dual inlet, rotary, and swing type. Be sure to request more information from the companies listed below and find the distributor best suited for your grain-handling facility.


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Grain Belt Supply Co. Inc.


  • Large inspection door provides complete access to distributor spout mechanism.
  • 45 inches.
  • Sealed flow.
  • For tight space applications.
  • Positive lock flow.
  • Space savers.

Salina, KS • 800-255-2742

Hayes & Stolz Ind. Mfg. Co.


  • Full line including single and dual inlet, rotary, and swing type.
  • Two and three-way valves.
  • Constructed of painted carbon steel or optional galvanized and stainless steel.

Burleson, TX • 800-725-7272

Honeyville Metal Inc.


  • Original brush seal design with no up or down movement on inside swing-spout.
  • 8 Models 6” through 20” in 45º or 60º flow, flat back and full round, up to 18 outlets.
  • Hot-dip galvanized with no-tools service door & optional service door platform.
  • Positive locking stainless steel index plate located under distributor for protection from dust and weather issues on manual control models.
  • Expanded throat on internal swing-spout, optional urethane liners for extended life on all wear surfaces.
  • Swing-spout assembly rotates on (4) guide bearings at the top and a flange ball bearing at the bottom for a smooth and easy movement.
  • Electronic position control optional in place of pipe or cable controls.

Topeka, IN • 800-593-8377

Premier Components, Inc.


  • Painted, hot dip galvanized, or stainless steel finishes available.
  • 45 degree or 60 degree in both flatback or fullround.
  • Positive locking mechanism on spout positioning.
  • Easy access inspection door.
  • Cable, pipe, or electric operation available.

Alma, MI • 877-681-3064

Rapat Corporation

Rotary Valve

  • Available in many sizes and nearly unlimited custom sizes.
  • Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, or galvanized.
  • Different outlet configurations -–- such as square or angled –- available.
  • Designed for all-weather durability.

Hawley, MN • 800-325-6377

Schlagel, Inc.

EDI-C7 Control For Distributors

  • All new microprocessor-based electronic controls.
  • No more brakemotors or mechanical starters. 120 VAC operation.
  • Live spout monitoring and error alarms.
  • New interfaces with PLCs and other customer controls.
  • Automated distributor setup and adjusting.
  • 100% backward compatible with older EDI controls.

Cambridge, MN • 800-328-8002

The Essmueller Company

Model ST

  • Six to 30 in. spout sizes.
  • Seven gauge sides and bottom-welded construction.
  • Internal dust seals - individual and 360 degree seals.
  • Painted, stainless steel, and galvanized.

Laurel, MS • 800-325-7175

Advance Millwrights Inc.

Elmira, Ontario, Canada • 519-669-4200

Brock Grain Systems

Milford, IN • 866-658-4191


York, NE • 800-345-2832 Case Study:

GSI - Intersystems

Omaha, NE • 800-228-1483

Norstar Industries Ltd

Morris, MB • 204-746-8200

Ross Manufacturing Co.

Brownsville, TN • 800-874-1935

Sukup Manufacturing Company

Sheffield, IA • 641-892-4222

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