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Roller Mills

These roller mills have heavy-duty construction with durable components and efficient design for years of reliable service to crush or grind grain and other materials for the grain and feed industry. Roller mills perform a variety of feed mill tasks, including crumbling pellets, cracking corn, dry rolling and steam flaking grain, and grinding corn, wheat, or milo for mash and pelleted feeds. Choose the roller mill that best fits your location's needs and gather more information by contacting companies through the form available below.


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Buhler Inc.


• Fully integrated grinding system.

• For grinding wheat, durum, rye, barley, corn and spelt.

• Save building investment costs.

• Homogeneous mixing and distribution of product .

• Improve grinding efficiency.

• Save up to 10% energy.

• Monitoring and operation of the grinding system from different devices.

• Plug-and-play.

• Designed according to the highest food safety standards.

• Wide range of sizes and options.

• Easy maintenance.B

Stockton, CA • 209-983-8400

DT Grain Processing Systems Inc.

Spomax FMO7 Roller Mill

  • Gull wing design with feed roll pack for superior sanitation and maintenance.
  • Built-in explosion proof panels for electrical and pneumatics.
  • Roll on frame design for stability and consistent gap setting.
  • FM08 two high roller mill arriving soon.

St Catharines, ON • 905-938-2882


Ferrell-Ross Roller Mills

  • Manufactured in the United States since 1939.
  • Efficient design for years of reliable service.
  • Heavy-duty construction with superior components.
  • Chilled cast iron rolls with corrugations for specific particle size distribution.
  • Choice of vibratory or roll feeder systems.
  • Nine roll sizes available for cracking and grinding applications.

Bluffton, IN • 800-248-8318

Lone Star Enterprises Inc

Grind, Crack, or Crimp

  • Single, double, and triple mills.
  • Particle reduction for all types of products.
  • Electric or PTO driven.
  • Stationary or portable.
  • Chill cast iron rolls, sharpened to order.
  • Heavy-duty solid mill frame for mill stability.
  • Roll parallel both vertical and horizontal.
  • Easy to operate, service, and maintain.
  • Customizable - automated or manual.
  • Servicing the industry since 1995.

Lennox, SD • 605-647-3001

Beta Raven


Buhler Inc.

Minneapolis, MN • 763-847-9900



Dorssers Inc.

Blenheim, ON • 800-267-1001

Roskamp Champion

Waterloo, IA • 800-366-2563

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