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Horizontal and vertical heavy-duty mixers provide excellent ingredient mixing and low batch levels for a variety of batching applications in the grain and feed industry. Versatile mixer designs are configured for many batching options and achieve homogeneous mix results. Study what the mixer companies below have to offer and be sure to request more information.


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Buhler Inc.

Batch Mixer Speedmix

  • Suitable for processing all free-flowing dry solids.
  • Short mixing time and optimal mixing quality.
  • Short discharge time.
  • The interior of the mixer and the mixer paddles allow quick and easy cleaning.
  • Low maintenance requirement.
  • Liquids addition.

Minneapolis, MN • 763-847-9900

Easy Automation Inc.

Modular Feed Processor

  • The mixer’s unique design provides transverse mixing action. Blending occurs rapidly, clumps are broken up, and a shorter mix time is needed to achieve accepted coefficient of variation. The Trans-Mix also performs well with liquid ingredients.
  • If you include a micro-ingredient section, it has its own separate scale system for greater accuracy.
  • Because it is a modular system, the MFP has the added advantage of being easily expandable. As your needs change, you have the option of adding to your system – instead of replacing it.
  • The simple, rugged design of the center-fed hammermill allows even wear on the hammers and screen used to grind ingredients for processing.

Welcome , MN • 507-728-8214

Gerbers of Montana

STRONG SCOTT Horizontal Ribbon Mixers

  • Capacities 1/4 to 5 ton.
  • Single, double, or triple discharge gates.
  • Drop bottoms available.
  • Surge hoppers available.
  • STRONG SCOTT planetary drives.
  • Replacement ribbon assemblies available for all brands of mixers.
  • STRONG SCOTT feed equipment parts.

Great Falls, MT • 406-727-2203

Hayes & Stolz Ind. Mfg. Co.

Twin Shaft Batch Mixers

  • Available in Twin Ribbon (TR) and Twin Paddle (TP) configurations.
  • One minute dry mix times with CV’s of 10% or less.
  • Excellent mixing with fill levels as low as 20%.
  • Available with side access doors and spray nozzle access covers.

Burleson, TX • 800-725-7272

Ross Manufacturing Co.

Vertical Mixer

  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Dust sealed bearings.
  • Removable top.
  • Two inspection windows.
  • V-belt drive.
  • Clean out door.
  • 8 in. channel support for top bearing and motor mount.
  • Available in mixing volumes of 87 cf., 112 cf., and 162 cf.
  • Available in above or below floor models.

Brownsville, TN • 800-874-1935

Sudenga Industries, Inc.

Commercial Micro Skid Model CMS

  • Variable Frequency Drives—allows for high and low speed settings for each micro ingredient bin.
  • Large Bins—minimize bridging with three vertical sides, chamfered corners, and a large conveyor opening.
  • Individual Bin Scales—allows for easy inventory of FDA restricted ingredients.
  • Accurate to within two one-hundreths of a pound.
  • Versatile design can be customized and configured for virtually any batching application.

George, IA • 888-783-3642

Schenck Process Food and Performance Materials

Kansas City, MO • 816-891-9300

Scott Equipment Company

New Prague, MN • 952-758-2591

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