Schlagel, Inc.

Schlagel, Inc. has been an industry leader since 1957 in the design and manufacture of grain handling equipment.

Key Personnel

  • Jeff Vetos, President
  • Darin Bartels, Vice President
  • Brian Lindahl, Layout Manager
  • Brandon Snyder, Purchasing
  • Dave Olson, Sales
  • Mike Murray, Sales
  • Brian Kowalski, Sales
  • Lee Byykkonen, Sales
  • Bones Rettmann, Sales
  • Brandon Stahl, EDI/Distributor technical support

Company Info

Their pioneering efforts have brought innovation to the industry's handling methods through enhancements to equipment design and increased machine capabilities/capacities.

A knowledgeable, experienced staff works with qualified contractors or design firm representatives to ensure proper utilization of equipment, matching design and capacity to each application. Computerized estimating provides prompt, accurate quotes.

With advances in technology, Schlagel's methods of production have also changed. Computer-assisted engineering, precision laser cutting and CNC factory production have increased product quality.

Also, continuous quality seminars and training programs provide on-going insight to further increase plant efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

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