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Founded in 1911 by Lambert Anderson, a local McPherson farmer, McPherson Concrete has grown to be one of the largest builders of commercial grain structures in the Midwest.

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Mr. Anderson wanted to build a silo for his farm and noticed that the wooden silos did not last to his satisfaction. Designing his own molds, Lambert started casting his own concrete silo at a time. Once Lambert's silo was completed, his neighbors asked if would build one for them.

A new business was born!

A few years later, Mr. Anderson moved his business into McPherson to automate the stave making and silo construction processes. Recognizing the viability of round concrete pipe in the 1920's, Mr. Anderson began manufacturing this new product.

The first joints of round concrete pipe were wet-cast with the concrete mixed by hand. By the mid 1950's, Lambert's son Chester began to seek a way to produce concrete pipe faster and cheaper.

He discovered a German process that was unsurpassed in durability and strength and shortly thereafter McPherson Concrete became one of the first US companies to produce concrete pipe using the dry-cast method.

In 1960 the first packer-head machine was installed producing the first of thousands of feet of high-quality, dry-cast concrete pipe.

Mr. Anderson did not stop with silos and concrete pipe innovations. He continued to pursue innovations in concrete blocks, burial vaults, and mausoleum covers.

This dedication to the process of innovation is still alive today!

With his father's health failing in the 1940's Chet Anderson assumed the day-to-day operation of the company.

By the end of World War II, ready-mixed concrete was starting to be produced in Wichita. Buying his first used, two-yard paddle mixer truck, Chet began manufacturing and delivering ready-mixed concrete.

This was a revolutionary concept as concrete was always mixed at the job site prior to ready-mixed technology. More than 50 years later, our fleet of trucks continue to deliver concrete from our plants in Lindsborg and McPherson.

The company grew and prospered under Chet's guidance with innovative products such as risers, manholes, elliptical pipe, end sections and box culverts added to the product line-up.

This offered towns and counties an innovative way to take care of their construction needs and saved them both time and labor.

Chet's interests were not limited to innovations in concrete, however.

In the late 1980's he saw a need for a housing development and golf course in McPherson. Where others saw a pasture, Chet saw an opportunity.

Thus, Turkey Creek Golf Club and Turkey Creek Development were born. Many new homes have been built at Turkey Creek and golfers from all over the state play this challenging 18-hole layout.

In 1989 McPherson Concrete acquired a competitor in Wichita and began to build a new, state-of-the-art plant on the site now known as Wichita Concrete Pipe.

Christened in 1993, this plant features a complete dry-cast , wet-cast batch plant and produces a wide array of products for the Wichita area.

Chet is still active in the company as Chairman Emeritus, and the operation of McPherson Concrete has been taken over by his son Chris.

Serving as president since 1990, Chris Anderson is supported by a capable team of veteran managers who keep McPherson Concrete customer-focused and service-driven.

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