McCormick Construction Company

McC, Inc. (dba McCormick Construction Company) is an industrial construction contractor providing design-build, general contracting, millwright, concrete and crane services to bulk material storage, handling and processing for industries in agriculture, biofuels, mining, milling and other industrial process facilities throughout the United States and beyond.

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Since its founding in 1992, McC's primary mission has been to build the highest quality and most efficient facilities possible for its clients and to stand behind its work in quality of construction, materials installed and overall satisfaction of its clients.

Today, the company's mission remains the same but with continued focus on quality through innovative design meeting the distinct needs of each client.

The mission can only be achieved through the continued commitment to safety for McC's employees, subcontractors and the clients it serves.

McC has taken a proactive and aggressive approach in implementing preventative safety procedures and daily operating practices.

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