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Not only do we strive for no accidents or injuries, but we are very careful about the gases we inhale, exposures to the elements, and the mental state of our employees.

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This all directly affects our immediate performance, but also the “live long, live well” vision we have for all our employees. We want our employees to feel good long after they’ve retired from Macon General Contractors.

Under the direction of the our owners, Ben, Adam, and Phil Endress, Macon General Contractors has evolved from a farm-based ag construction company into a commercial ag contractor.

We work primarily in the Midwest, but conduct business in all 48 states.

To better control our projects, we have developed core competencies in the areas of millwright, concrete, excavation, building erection and design/engineering services. Self-performing a majority of the work allows us to control price, quality and time-frames.

Our expertise lies in the design and construction of agricultural processing and storage facilities.

Macon General Contractor’s most popular building is our grain storage building, featuring the “Grain Curtain.”

This exclusive product increases grain storage by up to 30%, thus allowing us to store more corn for less money. This advantage, along with general contracting our own buildings, means we can provide you a phenomenal return on your investment.

Other key advantages include:

Clear Span features allow for ease of unloading

15 year warranty on fabric covers

50% natural sunlight illuminates through polyurethane cover.

Ability to utilize current investment by transforming temporary storage facility into permanent facility

Structures come in a variety of sizes with up to a 10 million bushel capacity

Buildings can be easily partitioned and customized for different commodities

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