Cardinal Scale Mfg Co.

Cardinal Scale, an ISO-9001 certified scale manufacturer, markets a complete line of quality weighing products and systems.

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Cardinal’s headquarters is in Webb City, MO, USA with warehouses in Canada and England and distributors in over 110 countries.

Established in 1950 by founder WH Perry, the company has been featured on the TV shows “How It’s Made” and “World’s Greatest!…”

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company provides a one-stop shop for all of your weighing needs with an extensive product line of scales and weighing systems complete with a wide selection of peripheral equipment for your truck scale or weighing operation.

Your risk is eliminated when you own a Cardinal scale, since you only have one call to make for new products and service support.

Cardinal’s customer service and technical support center is all located at the factory headquarters in Webb City, MO.

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Cardinal Scale Mfg Co. Products & Services

  • ARMOR Digital Truck Scales with SmartCells - Scales
  • Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scales - Scales
  • 825-CBW Bulk Weighing Controller -