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When Arnold Huelsmann started The Arnold Company, there were two priorities: Railcar door opening and the customer.

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Unlike many of our competitors, our focus has provided us with the largest product offering available, delivered with best-in-class customer service.

Our many years of combined industry experience is still being translated into our new products and solutions.

Our willingness to work onsite with customers to meet their unique needs, and do so at a reasonable cost, has provided total customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves in solving problems when other out-of-the-box solutions would not work. We also work with any power source and physical configuration that you prefer and do not push one single line.

We never try to lose the voice of the customer as our guidance or we would all lose.

Our offering of railcar opener products for hopper gates and boxcar doors has given us the privilege to serve almost every industry on rails. Not only do we serve the Americas, but international locations as well.

We stand ready to serve you, our next new partner.

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