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Insects Limited, Inc. Celebrates 40th Anniversary, Timeless Company Values

Westfield, IN — Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Insects Limited, Inc. has built a global reputation for its expertise in pheromone technology.

Founded by Dave and Mary Beth Mueller on Nov. 16, 1981, today the company researches, tests, develops, manufactures, and distributes pheromones and trapping systems for stored product insects.

Just a few years after its founding, employees put into writing the company's values:

  • To be daring, be safe, be different, and be fair.
  • To establish a working environment that is fun, intellectually challenging, and foremost, safe to our employees, our customers, and our community.
  • To show respect for our customers and ourselves in all our research, product development, sales, and daily life.
  • To maintain high integrity and be known for our integrity and fairness to our customers.
  • To be known as innovators for the future of pest management and effective pheromone technology.
  • To use the target pest as the initial starting place when a pest problem needs to be solved.
  • To be an education and training leader in our industry.

In all, Insects Limited's goals are quality service, providing the best products available worldwide, to be a respected world-class organization, and maintaining profitability with science, education, and innovation.

This list was reinforced by the Insects Limited transition team tasked with creating a set of core values going forward as Dave Mueller prepared to retire in 2018.

Without referencing the original list written nearly four decades earlier, the values set forth by the 2018 group were very similar or the same, and it was decided to keep the original list as the company's guidepost.

All Insects Limited employees, past and present, lived those values every day leading up to Dave Mueller’s retirement.

They instilled those values into the 2018 Insects Limited transition team, which has carried on the company's exemplary reputation in the stored product insect segment of the pest management industry.